We will be going to Sneedville on April 27 through May 2nd to help them work on their new building.  If you are able to go and help, please see Eddie Hyche.  Thank you!

Work Day!

We will have a clean up and work day here at the building this Saturday starting at 8:00am.  If you are unable to come at that time, come when you can.  Lunch will be provided.  Thank you!



Rejoice!  We rejoice with Wyatt Hughes as he put Christ on in baptism following last week’s Sunday Morning service. Wyatt we are so proud of you and inspired!


Chuck E Cheese!

The Elementary youth will be going to Chuck E Cheese this Saturday at 10:30am.  The vans will leave NO later than 10:30 so make plans to be here!  The cost will be $10.00 per child.  If they wish to play extra games, they need to bring more money.  We will be returning at 3:00pm with tired and happy children! Come and enjoy with them if you wish.


We are honored Jason Bennett placed membership with us Sunday! Look for his address in the bulletin and help him to feel welcome.

Men’s Retreat

Men, this weekend is yours!  “How’s Your Aim When It Comes To God?” is the theme. Don’t forget to bring snacks, sleeping bags, and of course your BB guns!  The van will leave the building at 6:30pm Friday night.  Ride the van or meet the men at Camp Meribah Lodge. More details in the bulletin.  Thank you!

Support Your Youth!

Help Support our youth!!!

This Sunday our youth will travel to 7th Avenue congregation in Nashville. See “Youth News” for more details.




This Sunday after evening services is our Birthday & Anniversary Celebration for March & April! Please make plans to join us in the celebration!

4:45 Singing

Come and join us this Sunday afternoon for our monthly 4:45 singing! 



Women’s Serving Ministry Meeting

Ladies don’t forget our WSM meeting tonight at 7:00pm in the annex.  Thank you!