Rejoice In the Lord!

We are so happy to announce our new Brother and Sister in Christ!

Hunter Hammon was baptist Sunday July 6, and Lacey Mcgeehee was baptist Monday July 7th!  What a wonderful week of rejoicing for the Lord!

Elementary Youth Group!

Monkey Tree House was moved from Sunday to Saturday of next week July 26.  They are not open on Sunday any longer.  This outing is for elementary group only, ages up to 2-8. Parents are welcome to come.  The cost is $8.50 per child for admission (kids under 2 are free). Extra money is needed to eat at McDonald on the way back.  Vans will leave the building at 9:00am and be back at 2:00pm.

Thank you!




Remember a diaper table will be set up in the foyer this Sunday for Jessie & Lewis Miller.  They are expecting a girl!


Rejoice In The Lord!!!!

We are so proud to announce we have a new Sister in Christ! Presley Jones put on Christ through baptism Sunday Night. We are so proud of her decision.  Let us all pray and give her encouragement!


This Friday the FRIENDS Class will have a fellowship get together pot luck in the annex at 6:00pm.   Bring a dish and a drink, come and enjoy good fellowship with us!

Ladies Day!

Ladies from all over, please feel free to come and join us this Saturday morning Jun 21, from 10:00-12:00.

Registration begins at 9;45am.Guest Speaker: Mrs. Janie Jones of Charlotte, TN  Theme: Being a Christian from A-Z.



Zoo Trip!


This Saturday May 31st is the Zoo Trip!  All youth are invited to join us for a day at the zoo.  Weather permitting, we will leave no later than 8:00a and will return at 4:00.  Please bring your family, a sack lunch, money,

$10:00 dollars for 12 & younger

$15.00 dollars for teens & adults  and extra cash if you would like snacks orsouvenirs to get into the zoo.


60+ Couples

Activities will be planned for our Senior married couples (age 60+) every 4th Thursday. This Thursday May 22nd, Montgomery Bell Inn for dinner at 5:30pm.


Vacation Bible School (June 8th – June 12th):  Promise Land or Bust!  Come with us as we take a journey from grumble to humble as we learn about the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for 40 years.  Join us as we learn to trust God and be content with what we have instead of complaining.  Invite your friends and family to join us for this exciting week of learning from God’s word.

Ice Cream Supper!

Come and celebrate with us in honoring our High School Senior Graduates following the Sunday Evening Service.  We will enjoy fellowship and ice cream!  Please bring your favorite ice cream flavor and what ever you like to go with ice cream (brownie, hot fudge, strawberry, etc…)!