Summer Series 2016!

Come and join us for our Summer Study Series.  We will enjoy a different topic and speaker ever Wednesday night through August.  This Wednesday’s lesson will be brought to us by Steve Blackman from Heritage church of Christ.  Topic: Same Sex Marriage- Homosexuality/ Lesbianism

July 13: God’s Grace, Mercy And Justice/ Speaker- John Temple from Scottsboro church of Christ


“Bring A Friend Day” will be Saturday June 25th.  We will registrar everyone starting at 9:30am.

Our Guest Speaker will be: Crae Brunger our Lesson will be: “RSVP”: Who Sits At Your Table”

Please make plans to stay and join us after the lesson for luncheon in the annex.

No jokes, no stories, no fluff. I wanted to genuinely say thank you to the veterans out there. Without your sacrifice and service, I would not even be able to write this email without fear of repercussion or persecution. You allow my family to sleep easy at night, and give my kids a hope for a bright tomorrow. So, from my family and I; Thank You All!!!!!

Welcome to our Congrgational Bar-B-Que!

This Saturday! May 21st Congregational Bar-B-Que!

Please join us Saturday 21st at 5:00pm for food and fellowship! Bar-B-Que will be provided, please bring side dishes, deserts and drinks.


Zoo Trip this Saturday!

Zoo Trip May 21st: The vans will leave the buildings promptly at 8:00am. They will return at 3:00pm.  Bring a sack lunch and drink.  Bring extra money for snacks, drinks and any souvenirs.  Wear appropriate clothes for weather and walking. NO flip flops.

Admission:   Ages 2-12= $10.00   Adults =$15.00


Graduates of 2016!

This Sunday!!! is our celebration of our High School Senior

We will also celebrate our college graduates at this time.

 May 15th, we will enjoy our ice cream supper after evening services!

Please bring your favorite ice cream and fixings.  Join us in fellowship and celebration!









Ladies! This weekend is finally here!  Meet at the Lodge of Camp Meribah at 6:00p.  If you can’t make if Friday night, join us Saturday morning starting at 8:00am for a great lesson by Kay Felts.

Zoo Trip!

May 21st, Elementary Youth
8:00am – 4:00pm
Nashville Zoo!
Parents, please provide money for admissions, sack lunch and snacks.
(Details in bulletin)
Thank you!

50+ Group

April 28th, Meet at The Catfish Kitchen, HWY 70, 6:00pm.

Jr & Sr Devo!

Junior/Senior youth devotional will be at Joey & Dovie’s house this Sunday evening (April 24th). Food will be provided.